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  1. The system shall be of semester system with 4 (four) months classes of both theory and practical in a semester. After which, all examination process like declaration of sessional result, filling of Exam forms etc will be followed.
  2. The institute follows the academic calendar for all its activities like admission, starting of students classes, exams etc provided by the Directorate of Technical Education, Nagaland.
  3. The Diploma certificate is awarded to the pass out students only after the approval of the State Council for Technical Education is obtained.

Mobility of students:

  1. Students having back papers of more than 6(six) subjects in semester I and II shall not be allowed to continue to take admission in Semester III. Similarly, students having back papers more than 6 (six) subjects from semester I t to IV will not be allowed to continue to take admission in Semester V.
  2. Students been barred to take admission because of the above said condition will be re-admitted once they clear the back papers and only when such semester are made available.
  3. Students shall be granted a maximum period of 6 (six) years only to complete Diploma courses.
  4. No student would be allowed to move to the next higher term without taking semester admission in the lower term.

No student shall be allowed to be admitted in the higher term without appearing any of the subjects in the lower term. Such students have to be re-admitted to that particular semester along with junior batch.

A. Govt. Revenue  Hosteller Day Scholar
1.     Admission Fee       1,500.00        1,500.00
2.     Tuition Fee           600.00           600.00
3.     Registration Fee (New)           100.00           100.00
4.     Library Fee           100.00           100.00
5.     Workshop/Computer Lab. Fee           500.00           500.00
6.     Examination Fee           350.00           350.00
7.     Developmental Fee (New)           500.00           500.00
8.     Hostel Rent       1,000.00
Sub total =  ₹   4,650.00  ₹    3,650.00
B. Internal  Hosteller Day Scholar
1.     Identity Card           200.00           200.00
2.     Examination Centre Fee           200.00           200.00
3.     Caution Money (Refundable)           500.00           500.00
4.     Bus Fare ( Rs.1500 not included)       1,500.00        1,500.00
5.     Institute Blazer       2,000.00        2,000.00
6.     T-Shirt           500.00           500.00
7.     Water/Electricity/maintenance           500.00
8.     Caution Money (Refundable)           500.00
Sub Total =  ₹   5,900.00  ₹    4,900.00
Grand Total (A+B) =  ₹   8,550.00

(Hostel Mess Fee not included)

Admission to the Polytechnic

  1. Admission to the Polytechnic is done purely on the merit basis of Diploma Entrance Examination (DEE) conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education, Nagaland.
  2. Principal is not allowed to admit student without the approval of Director, Technical Education.
  3. No student is allowed to refund their admission fees once it is admitted
  4. Detail information and contact numbers of students’ parents has to be provided during admission, without which admission is not allowed.

Semester Admission:

  1. Semester admission is done as per the Academic Calendar provided by the Directorate of Technical Education, Nagaland.
  2. No student is allowed to re-register any subject without taking semester admission in any of the term 1 to term VI, whichever is applicable.

Diploma Entrance Examination

  1. Diploma Entrance Examination is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education with the Examination Centre at Government Polytechnic Kohima.
  2. Result (Merit List) of Diploma Entrance Examination is declared within one week from the Date of entrance test.
  3. The selection for Diploma seats is based on the basis of Diploma Entrance test only.
  4. Placement of students to Polytechnics is done only against the vacancy seats which will be based on the preferences given by the students in the form.
  5. Placement of students against the seat/s vacated by selected candidates is done on the basis of the merit only.
  6. Change of preferences is not allowed after the entrance test. However, if any student wishes to change their branch, he/she may do so after admission, provided there is vacancy which shall be done on the merit of entrance test.